Why Choose Us?

We are a locally owned small business. We strive to offer the highest quality materials and craftsmanship possible. Our baits are all hand poured and checked for quality.  We also package them right here in Alabama.  We take pride in our work. 



As a child, my brother, and I shared a love for outdoor activities especially fishing. We spent countless hours on the lake, competing the biggest fish. As an adult I still have the same love of fishing. However, as someone who lives on the autism spectrum, I have struggled to find my niche in life. So I decided that I should take something that I love and turn it into a business that I could love as well.

When searching for quality, fishing, lures and soft baits, it has been difficult to find the quality and durability that serious fisherman look for. Therefore, I decided to develop one that would not only attract fish, but would also stand up to rigorous fishing by even the most avid fisherman. I believe that I have accomplished this.

Pplproducts to assure that the Crappie are attracted to them. If they do not pass my strict standards, then I scratch the color and start again so when you purchase products from Jig N’ Twitch, you can be sure that they have been tested and proven to catch quality fish.

We are a locally owned and run small business.